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The Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón, a garden for the XXI century.


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The Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón, a garden for the XXI century.
New Technologies applied to The Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón turn it into a XXI century garden.
New technologies make the garden grow. The new target is to turn the Botanical Garden into a twenty-first century garden thanks to a singular equipment and the use of new technologies. It is intended to attract visitors older than 65 in the future so that the number of visitors keeps going up. The number of visitors was 65,583 in 2006, 8% more than in the previous year according to the annual report of the year 2006. There are 16 hectares already developed out of the 25 hectares that make up the Botanical Garden. There was a total investment of 640,000€ in the garden in 2006. The first-rate equipment turns this museum into a XXI century museum since it is unique in Northern Spain. It is also singular because it is Atlantic. It is a pioneer in the development of performances such as Noches Mágicas (Magical Evenings) or the concerts Música con raíces (Roots Music) as well. Most visitors, over 48 per cent, are between 26 and 45 years old. 49.2 per cent of the total visitors go to the Atlantic Botanical Garden from June to September. The growth in the number of visitors is a consequence of word-of-mouth marketing together with an increment in the number of workshops and school visits (19.3%). About 96% of the visitors acknowledge that they would like to come back to the Botanical Garden and that they would recommend the visit to others, indeed. Only 3.25% of the visitors is over 65 years old. That is a good ground for improvement for the people responsible of the Atlantic Botanical Garden. In fact, they are already working in the design of activities to attract people over 65, for instance, group visits, areas for walking effortlessly. New Technologies are also present in the Botanical Garden. Fibre optics is been laid in the paths, for example. One of the projects is to enable the possibility of downloading information to cell phones or PDAs or downloading games so that kids may follow a series of clues while walking around the Botanical Garden.
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