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Exhibition of Photographs by Mark Edwards on Works of Bob Dylan at the Atlantic Botanical Garden


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Leer el Paisaje, Reading the Landscape keeps taking place on Sundays.
Each visitor is given a regional newspaper and the possibility to access the Internet to read the news gratis. There is poetry reading on the 7th of October, 4th of November and 2nd of December too. The exhibition Hard Rain by the North American photographer Mark Edwards is the highlight of this Fall at the Atlantic Botanical Garden. The exhibition comprises a collection of images that illustrate different strophes from A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, a song by Bob Dylan. The exhibition starts on the 25th of October and ends on the 9th December. This collection has already been exhibited in Madrid at the Royal Botanical Garden, in Edinburgh as a part of the Fringe Festival and other European cities such as Stavanger in Norway or Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. The exhibition, once it ends in Gijón, will be enjoyed in the Jardí Botànic of Valencia The original mounting at the Atlantic Botanical Garden allows visitors to walk in the open air and follow the lyrics of A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall illustrated by the photographs by Mark Edwards, who is also curator of the exhibition, and other world famous artists. The photographs have been taken in 150 different countries. The photographs "are a statement against environmental damage, desertification, pollution, uncontrolled human action bringing about the destruction of life and indifference on the side of our leaders and citizens as regards this problem". The exhibition is part of a global project to raise public awareness about the destruction of our world. At the end of the exhibit, there is a proposal for visitors to change individual attitudes and measures that would force international policies to prevent our headlong collision with Nature. Hard Rain is "a masterpiece that summons up the gohsts of our past and a vision of a future that was ours to change" according to Tim Smit, The Eden Project. A main teaching of this exhibition was already stated by J. Krishnamurti in All the Marvelous Earth If you hurt Earth, you are hurting yourself.